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Levada séták, turizmus

Levada séták, turizmus

Levada do Norte - MadeiraLevada do Norte - Madeira trail - Estreitinho, Madeira (Portugal) 23 de junio de 2007.- Siempre al borde de la Levada del Norte (levada = canal de conducción
Levada do Norte - Madeira
Levada walking holidayDescribes our levada walking holiday in Madeira - level easy walks along Madeira levadas
madeira, walking, levada, holiday, walks, ancient, laural, forest, porto, santo
LevadasThe irrigation-system of Madeira is unique. The 2150 km of levadas transport water from the wet North to the dry South. The maintenance-paths along the levadas are ideal for walking.
Portugal, Madeira, Rabaçal, Ribero Frio, Risco, Vinte e cinqo fontes, 25 fontes, Levadas, Levada wa
Madeira - Levada de CimaA levada walk - man made irrigation channel that not only provides the island with precious and clear water, but also provides us with the joy and the awareness to respect the beauties the nature is (still) offering us. <a href="http:
green, portugal, nature, forest, walking, hiking, madeira, levada, ilhadamadeira, pontadelgada, laur
Madeira - Walking and relaxingMadeira - Walking and relaxing
Madeira Levada WalkingMadeira is as famous for its levadas as it is for its flowers and mild climate. The levadas is introduced here as a brief overview of what it is all about and what to expect. Included: links and other resources to Levadas and their walks.
Madeira, Portugal, Funchal, Levadas, levada, walks, queimadas, turivema, Eurofun, Ribeiro, Frio, spo
Walking the Levada NovaTravel Photo Net - A photo A Day: Walking the Levada Nova (Madeira)
image,madeira,photo,photos,picture,portugal,travel photography
YouTube - Levada Ribeiro FrioLas "levadas" son unos peque?os canales que hay en Madeira para transportar agua. Ahora se usan como rutas turí­sticas. (The levadas are narrows canals all o...
Madeira, levada, canal, agua, water, ruta, senderismo, turismo, Portugal, senda
YouTube - Levada walking - MadeiraFrom a trip to the island of Madeira - 1998
YouTube - Levada walking - Madeira
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